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A recent scientific study found that bald men are perceived to be more dominant, masculine and stronger than men with full heads of hair. So don’t worry if you’re bald, receding or going a bit thin on top, embrace it by shaving off your hair. The study shows that the worst things to do are wear a toupee, comb it over or try to hide your baldness in any other way.

Females tend to perceive men with a shaved head as more confident and masculine.

Two thirds of men will at least lose some of their hair by age 35, whilst 85% of men will have experienced a significant amount of hair loss by the time they reach 50 (according to studies).

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Instead of trying to conceal your baldness, it is suggested you embrace it by shaving your head completely. In modern days the general public has become rather accepting of men with shaved heads.

Society has accepted the trend that bald or receding men shave their hair completely off. It is now encouraged for men who start losing their hair to shave it completely off at the very first signs of thinning hair or baldness.

Young males often experience stress due to signs of hair thinning and baldness at first, but once you accepts your baldness, your confidence levels go up drastically. Various theories exists as to why, on average, women find men with shaved heads sexier.

When women look a man’s face they usually first notice their hair, however when looking at a bald man, women first notice the eyes instead, therefore bald men direct a lady’s attention to their eyes instead and in fact, if they are able to maintain eye-contact they can more easily create rapport.

One thing for sure is that women much prefer men with completely shaven heads rather than men with comb overs or receding hairlines.

So what are you waiting for? Embrace your baldness and shave it off completely. Studies show you’ll actually look younger, well groomed and hygienic and ultimately more attractive.

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